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ELEGOO Saturn 3 Ultra 12K Resin 3D Printer


The Elegoo Saturn 2 is a high-resolution, large-format LCD 3D printer manufactured by Elegoo, a leading company in the consumer 3D printing industry. It is an upgraded version of the popular Elegoo Saturn, offering enhanced features and improved performance.

One of the standout features of the Elegoo Saturn 2 is its impressive build volume. With a build area of 218 x 123 x 250 mm , it provides ample space for creating larger-scale 3D prints, allowing users to bring their creative ideas to life with greater freedom and flexibility.

The printer utilizes an LCD-based curing technique called MSLA (Masked Stereolithography), where a high-resolution LCD screen is used to selectively cure the liquid resin, layer by layer, to build the 3D object. The Saturn 2 boasts a 4K monochrome LCD screen with a pixel size of 50 micrometers, resulting in incredibly detailed and precise prints with smooth surfaces and fine details.

With a layer resolution ranging from 0.01 to 0.15 mm, the Saturn 2 can achieve both high-speed printing for rapid prototyping and intricate details for complex models. It also offers a fast printing speed, reducing the overall printing time compared to previous models.

The Elegoo Saturn 2 features a sturdy build quality, with a metal frame and a durable resin vat that ensures stability during the printing process. It is equipped with a dual linear rail system and a ball screw design, providing improved stability, accuracy, and reliability, resulting in consistent and high-quality prints.

In terms of connectivity, the Saturn 2 offers various options. It can be connected to a computer via USB or operated independently using the built-in touchscreen interface. It also supports USB and Ethernet connectivity, enabling users to transfer files conveniently and remotely control the printer.

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