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Revopoint POP 3 3d Scanner



Product Name: Revopoint POP 3

Technology: Dual-camera Infrared Structured Light

Single-frame Accuracy, up to 0.1 mm

Single-frame Precision, up to 0.05 mm

Scanning Speed,up to18 fps

Fused Point Distance, up to 0.05 mm

Single Capture Area at Nearest Distance: 61 x 68 mm at 150 mm

Single Capture Area at Furthest Distance: 244 x 180 mm at 400 mm

Scanning Type: Handheld and Desktop

Working Distance: 150 ~ 400 mm

Minimum Scan Volume: 20 x 20 x 20 mm

Maxmium Scan Volume: 2500 x 2500 x 2500 mm

Auxiliary Lighting: Infrared Fill Lights, White Flash LEDs

Angular Field of View, H x W: 40 x 25°

CPU: 2 core, 1.6GHz

Position Sensors: 9-axis IMU

Scanner Weight: 190 g

Dimensions(L x W x H): 153 x 45 x 29 mm

Tracking Methods: Feature , Marker Buttons 3

Connector Type: USB Type-C

Power Requirements: DC 5V, 1A

Wi-Fi Type: Wi-Fi 6

Bluetooth: 4.1

Compatible Systems: Windows 10/11 (64-bit), Andriod, iOS, macOS

Recommended PC Requirements: Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM or better

Special Object Scanning: Use scanning spray for transparent, dark, or highly reflective objects

Scanning Environment: Indoors and Outdoors

Output Formats: PLY, OBJ, and STL

Ready to Print 3D Models: Yes

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POP 3: The Handheld 3D Scanner with Color Scans – Revopoint

POP 3 is the next-gen 3D scanner from the POP series with new and improved hardware, design, and usability. The improvements in POP 3’s capabilities make capturing 3D scans for 3D printing, 3D animation, reverse engineering, healthcare, product design, digitizing historical items, VR/AR, and more even easier.






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