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Creality Sermoon D3 FDM 3D Printer


  • Sermoon D3 is the newest filament printer in the Sermoon D series from Creality. The Sermoon D series is tailor-made for industrial designers. Prototyping, jigs, and fixtures making, or design verification, it gets them all covered. You can even use it to mass-produce some small but oddly shaped parts or products. The beauty is that it delivers prints rapidly with stable and high quality in a cost-effective way.
  • Sermoon D3 offers a generous 300×250×300mm build volume. Meanwhile, this stable and accurate machine creates breathtakingly delicate prints featuring 0.1 mm accuracy, with layer texture hardly visible.


  • 300 °C High-temp Printing
  • Up to 5x Times the Printing Speed (250mm/s)
  • Big build volume (300x250x300mm) for printing more at a time.
  • High accuracy: 0,1mm
  • Supports most filaments

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