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Creatwit K3 Pro 3D Printer


The sign channel letter 3D printer can solve the main problems of traditional advertising character production process, high cost, long cycle, unenvironmental protection and complex process.

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Full solution 3d Channel Letter processing system. Stable machine with competitive price. Creatwit K3 automatic channel letter 3D printer machine, your best strategy.

Product Specifications

Supported operating systems   Win10/Win8/Win7
Filament   PMMA/PETG/PLA/PDS(opaque/translucent)
XY axis positioning accuracy   0.02mm
Print size   500*500*400mm
Nozzle diameter 0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2mm
Layer thickness 0.1-0.6mm
Maximum hotbed temperature 40~80℃
Maximum hotend temperature ≤260℃
Number of nozzles   single
Filament diameter   1.75mm
Power voltage AC 110V~220V
Rated power 0.65KW
Machine size 780*920*711mm
Packing size 1020*810*320mm
Machine weight 30KG
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