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Creatwit K8 3D Letter printer


Production cost saved 2/3, labor cost saved 2/3, workshop area reduced 3/4. Choose Creatwit, your rate of return on investment of 3D led letter printing will be double than traditionnal method. K8 LED 3D letter printing machine let you easier to make led letters.

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Advertising LED Letter Signage

Channel 3D Printer

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3D Printer K8

LED Letter CHENNEL 3D Printer

The 3D Printer can print various styles of font such as multicolor beveled , straight etc with automatic color change, no modelling and fully automatic operation. In comparison to the traditional advertising letters the 3D printer is a very easy process of fabrication and most complex of designs can be printed easily!


The K8 is designed to makes accurate side CHANNELS & INFILLS of the LED Letters, without the hassles of time consuming Bending Process. Samples:

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Illuminated Letter Samples:


3D Modelling Software Creality Creatwit

Intuitive 3D Modelling Software

Directly import and create 3D Files in the software with easy 2D to 3D fast conversion. One click export of face plate cutting files.

Double Extrusion_edited.jpg

Double Extrusion – Smooth Printing

Equipped with all metal double extruder, the filaments directly go through the teflon tube with less resistance, enhancing quality.

2 In , 1 Out , Auto Color Change_edited.jpg

2 In & 1 Out , Auto Color Change!

With one nozzle and dual extruder, K8 automatically changes color without manual intervention. Color changes very fast.

Creatwit Mechanical Levelling_edited.jpg

Dynamic & Auto Levelling Process

Compatible with mechanical & automatic levelling the machine auto calibrates itself based on the sensor readings.

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Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 150 × 150 × 100 cm
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